Saturday, September 4, 2010



Now, i'm 17 year-old. last two months, i have celebrated my birthday with my friends (not my family). it was a bit sad that i couldn't clebrate it with my beloved family. my friends made 'wicked' plan to celebrate it, i still remember when they tried to 'simbah air' to me.. but what they had planned didn't happen.. (tgklah sape orgnya) ;p

after we celebrated it, i went to ampaian and sit there (with syu' and zizie) looking for the stars to shine that breezy night. i looked up the sky and deep in my heart, there is a HOPE that i want to fulfill. really want to fulfill it..

"I hope i can change the world. here i am. in MJSC Langkawi. who i am to ruin my parents' hope? (pinjam ayat aisyah) they had suffered bcoz of me. i have to pay back all their suffers by completing their only HOPE,, for me to get 9A+.... bak kata Cikgu Shahid, kami boleh!!! I hope there is HOPE for me to reach the skies and go beyond the horizon!"

there is still time for me to make anjakan paradigma. My Lord, please give me time to accomplish this HOPE.